Entellus Energy offers a range of utility data management services, utilising extensive industry knowledge and experience, matched with a sophisticated cloud based utility software platform.

We collect both manual and automated meter data to facilitate full service network billing, detection and replacement of faulty metering, energy data auditing/reporting and management of utility contract negotiations.


Entellus Energy is Western Australia’s first full service Utility Data Management Provider. Our licensed software manages all our routine works and permits us to offer the following:

Comprehensive suite of products

Billing, Metering, Payments, Customer Service and Business Intelligence, we provide the end-to-end solution for your industry.

Customisable reporting

We put the power of Customised Data Analytics directly in your hands. Slice and dice the data in any way that you please. We analyse customer data and negotiate for the supply of utility services.

Ultimate security

Our cutting edge technology creates encrypted backups every 15 minutes. We have multiple servers and data redundancy with bank-level encryption.

Works with existing business processes and analytics

Our software molds to fit the nuances of your business. You do not have to change your current processes. Our cutting edge data analytics can cut costs, improve your processes, and streamline your company.

Unparalelled reliability and accuracy

Our solutions are intelligent enough to catch when incorrect information is entered.

Data saved permanently with Cloud-based technology

We store and let you access unlimited historical data anywhere, at any time. Want to check up on that report from 5 years ago? No problem, we've got you covered.


Having a complete understanding on site specific data within our software, our reporting portal enables us instantaneous whole-of-site data exporting in which we can facilitate contract negotiation for all required utilities with the greatest of accuracy and detail.

Our Billing services include, but are not limited to the following:

• Enter, audit, export and report on all of your utility and vendor statements
• Separate statement production to capture every required meter data parameter; any charge, any meter or sub-meter
• Consult and document understanding of utility balances including identification of unmetered energy for cost recovery


Identification of potential revenue opportunities


Manual and automated utility data collection


Full portal data reporting capability


Management of tenant utility billing


Documentation of site summary reconciliation


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