Entellus Energy offers a range of utility data management services, utilising extensive industry knowledge and experience, matched with a sophisticated cloud based utility software platform.

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We work with business, non-for profits, institutions and public sector organisations

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We are born out of private business not public sector utilities.  

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Our Services

Electricity and Gas Procurement

Our knowledge, experience and analysis will allow us to provide retailers with the detailed load profile data they require; allowing us to negotiate the best possible outcome…

Energy Management & Consultancy

Entellus Energy has developed an energy monitoring and management system that captures billing and data from your metering network to allow us to provide you with a range…

Embedded Network Management

An embedded electrical network is a metering infrastructure where the site owner (or manager) purchases electricity for the whole site at a wholesale rate…


Leverage our specialist knowledge and experience and deliver substantial savings in areas you may not realise that savings can be achieved…

Regulatory Issues

Our extensive industry knowledge and experience allows us to support you in navigating this complex area and liaise with market participants to deliver the best outcomes for you…

Meter Reading & Billing

Entellus provides end to end utility meter reading and billing services.  We manage the entire data collection, management, storage and billing proces…

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